Suisse Public 2017

Hawle on hand with successful presence

From June 13 to 16, 2017 the 23rd edition of Suisse Public took place in Bern. Again, this year the largest Swiss trade show for public companies and administrations saw roughly 20,000 trade visitors travel to the BERNEXPO fair grounds. So it's no wonder that this trade show is such high priority for our customer Hawle Armaturen AG in Sirnach.


The company has been active in the Swiss market since 1969 and evolved over the years to become a leading international manufacturer of fittings for gas and water.

All surfaces of the 351 sqm exhibition stand aside from the cabin were built with printed or neutral white textile canopies. For the underlying base construction SYMA-MOLTO 90 was used. The 2 meter high banner running around the entire stand did an excellent job attracting attention from afar. Despite the imposing overall height of 6 meters the light architecture and bright, fresh colors gave the stand a very light and open feel.

With its successful exhibition presence Hawle was able to attract the interest of existing and potential new customers.