Let it inspire you!

SYMA’s slogan We build inspiration has been built into its company logo for a year now. We wanted to incorporate this idea into some special festive greetings for our customers, to show that these are not merely empty words or slick advertising: our work draws on the inspiration which springs from deep within.

That’s precisely why our Christmas tree grew so quickly from inspiration into an idea and onwards into implementation.


Our advertising manager, creative director, head of development, several creatives and many other hands made light work of this sculpture, built of pure and unadulterated SYMA materials. SYMA’s Christmas tree was made from 55 cut-down 1134 aluminium profiles – you might say the mother of all profiles – and rose to a total height of 250cm. The fixings and illumination were arranged in a clandestine night manoeuvre. This in turn became a Christmas card as a thankyou for all our esteemed and loyal customers, which was sent the next day.

You, our customers, are our main source of inspiration. You motivate and energise us every day. Thank you! We look forward to a lively and inspirational 2018.