Giant hens as far
as the eye can see!

The egg producers from Eastern Switzerland delighted visitors with a particularly eye-catching presentation at the "Eidorado" special show at OLMA 2018.

The latest techniques in exhibition stand construction were skilfully used to create the "Swiss Egg" stand display. In the middle of hall 9.1 at the Olma exhibition centre in St. Gallen, a large 60 m2 graphic sail showed happy free-range hens strolling around their winter garden.

Against this oversize backdrop, the numerous visitors to the "Egg Lounge" enjoyed various egg-based dishes and traditional egg liqueur. Swiss eggs were presented as a fresh, modern and natural foodstuff with a wide range of possible uses. The chick barn, which had been specially constructed to reflect the modern image, was a particular visitor magnet.

The extremely positive response and the large number of visitors are two indicators of an extremely successful trade fair presence.


Graphic sail photography: Stefan Rötheli,