Reishauer: Driving
the Future of Mobility

The inventor of generating grinding still sets the technological standard today. This year at the AMB in Stuttgart – the international exhibition for metal working – Reishauer AG in Wallisellen self-confidently showcased itself as market leader with a new concept.

As a consequence of the merger with Felsomat the systemic integration strategy was showcased again this year, and thus also the level of proficiency this has produced in the entire manufacturing process, from the blank to the perfect gear.

With the impressive dimensions of 20 by 20 meters, the 400 square meter island stand was conceived, so to speak, as analogy of a gear. To match the motto "Driving the Future of Mobility", state-of-the-art media technology was put to use throughout the entire exhibition stand. Only high quality materials were used. To achieve a homogenous and harmonious overall effect we used the same high-gloss coated wood for the floor intarsia and the wall elements as we did for the furnishings. The LED curtain, the backlit multilayer print and the tapered logo constructions gave the exhibition stand an extraordinary appearance that made a strong impression even from afar. So, effectively Reishauer was easily visible from every corner of the exhibition hall.

We are delighted the customer was so successful at the exhibition and look forward to future exhibition projects.